Friday, 17 March 2017

Dream wall mural

Wall murals for white walls

Image by Melanie Toye 

I have all these white walls and it's boring. I am a creative person, yet I've always beautiful paintings on my walls. So I added another piece, I would have loved to add some purple, however I ran out of paint. 

Still ... I aimed for a feather effect. Love it. It looks a lot bigger on my wall though. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The fundamentals of doing something creative

The fundamentals of doing something creative

Written by Melanie Toye

Written by Melanie Toye

Being creative is exciting and thrilling. You could wake up one morning and think I would love too ... (Insert what you would love to create). The great part about creating is you don't have to be a creative person, every body is creative and can do creative activities. Let the self doubt and inexperience fly out the door and start thinking about what you want to create.

Below are three fundamentals of getting creative:

One. Find what you think looks interesting to create

Pinterest is a good starting place. Search all different types of arts and crafts, creative activities and creative tasks you are interested in, for example: DIY fashion creations, DIY wood creations and the list goes on. Once you have chosen what you are going to do. Go shopping for the recipe and complete the activity the same day (if it's not too big). This is important, otherwise doubt of not being good enough can creep in and stop you from trying it.

Two. Follow the instructions on how to make your creative piece

When following the instructions try first by following it their way and the second time, do it your way. Create it how you pictured it in your mind. For example if you want to build yourself a wooden shoe cupboard but you would want to paint it with pink glitter paint then do it.

Three. Immerse yourself in your creative activity

The point of getting creative is losing yourself to the process and finding yourself through the work. Find your soul and go for it. Enjoy it and have fun with it.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Let your emotions out with painting

I had one of those days ...

You know when you just feel like walking out and going do something spontaneous that will make you smile and laugh. Really every day should be like this anyway, but I just had a mood that I had to shake.

I got home from work, bought 4 tubs of paint - blue, red, white and yellow (came in a pack) and 3 x A3 painting notebooks.

I also pulled out an old sheet.

I painted. I painted with my children.

I just had to get my hands in the paint. I wanted to release my emotions through the art work.

I started by squeezing the paint out from the bottle onto the sheet, well we all did. Then I stood on it, danced on it, rubbed my hands all over it and guess what, it felt pretty damn good, not to mention it started to look amazing.

Once I felt like we had covered it and made it look amazing, we moved to our notepads. We all shared the paint tubs. Squeezing the paint out, using our hands or feet or paint brush and just went nuts with the painting.

A first I thought, perhaps we shouldn't use so much paint and then I thought it was $30. If it lasts an hour of entertainment then that's cheaper than going to the movies. So my next thought was, use it all.

We did. 3x Notepads, one sheet and four tubs of paint. We used everything and it felt fantastic.

My sons were creating colours and techniques that I had to try and we were pulling off the sheets of paper in quick succession.

My emotions were being ignited and then let loose.

Here are some piccies of our new art gallery:

I am selling my paintings on my online store:

But seriously, it was fun. Not only that but the children loved it and the sheet was a huge family effort, which felt great. Fun for all and a great way to let any bad tension out. Also, our home no longer feels dull from the bare walls. It's now covered in love.

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